Full application, with application fee, must be completed by all applicants / occupants 18 and over before we start processing the application.  Applications requires you to submit photo id, current years income information, prior years W-2 or Taxes, and any other criteria you would like to use for qualification.


Application Link

Once all required documentation is turned in, approval typically takes 24-48 hours. 

We can use any source of permanent, and verifiable, income that you will receive for the duration of your lease.  

We CANNOT use unemployment, food stamps, or temporary assistance towards your income qualification.

  • Paystub for current employer showings gross income year to date.
  • Year to date paystub for any prior employer in the current calendar year. (required to calculate average income YTD)
  • Prior year w-2, full taxes, or Paystub showings prior year gross income.
  • Alternative income sources accepted with appropriate documentation (award letters, bank statements, taxes, etc.)  All alternative income will require proof of award AND proof of payment.

Completed application may be used for any of our properties and are valid for 60 days with updated income documentation.

Advertised rents are based on our standard lease terms. 

  • Single Family homes require a 2-year lease.
  • Apartments and town homes require a 1-year lease.
  • Short term leases may be available at higher rental rates on a case-by-case basis.


Deposit are always equal to 1 month’s rent and must be paid in full prior to moving in.  


There may be an additional deposit requirement based on the information obtained during the application / screening process.

Yes!  Deposits are refundable upon completion of your lease. 


  • Any break in your lease will forfeit your deposit.
  • Property must be returned in rent-ready condition, including all necessary cleaning.
  • Proper notice to vacate must be on file (typically 60 days)
  • Keys must be returned to office along with a forwarding address.


All occupants must be approved.  Any occupant over 18 must have their full information and background check on file at the office.

Updated contact information must be on file in office at all times.  

All properties are Non Smoking.  Smoking must take place a minimum of 15 feet from any entrance or opening such as a window.

No grills within 10 ft of the property or decking.  Grills will be removed without notice. 

No business may be run out of a residential rental property.  


This includes: child care, bulk recycling, scraping, auto repair, commercial vehicle storage.  Others not listed are still prohibited. 


Pets are accepted at MOST of our properties.  Please verify prior to applying in regards to any restrictions.


Dogs and Cats must be registered with the City and you must provide proof of renter’s insurance that covers your animal.

  • Pets less than 25 pounds require a $250 additional deposit.
  • Pets 25 pounds or greater require a $500 additional deposit.
  • Deposits are per pet.
  • Deposits refundable upon completion of lease based on our deposit refund guidelines.


Dogs and Cats must be registered with the City and you must provide proof of renter’s insurance that covers your animal.

We accept support and service animals with no additional fees.  Proper documentation is required and available on our website. Accommodations are available. 


  • Payments may be paid Online, Mail, or Dropped at our office via check or money order.

  • We do not accept cash.

  • Remember that no matter how payments are made, rent is always due on the first


Mail – P.O. Box 2536 Davenport, IA 52809

Office Dropbox – 2535 Tech Dr. Suite 203. Bettendorf, IA 52722

(Located inside to the left of office door, or black exterior dropbox located at top of stairs to left of double doors.) 

Rent is due on the first of every month. 


We do not have a grace period on rental payments. If you need to make arrangements please contact the office.

Late fees will be assessed per your lease and due prior to the next months rent.


What this mean?  If you have a late fee on your account, your next payment will go towards your oldest balances due leaving your current rent past due and subject to eviction. 

Insurance is HIGHLY recommended and REQUIRED if you have a pet at the property.  


Owner’s property insurance will not cover any tenant losses you may incur while residing at the property from any event including natural disasters. 

Yes, we are always excited to keep great tenants with us.


Please keep in mind, in most cases, you must still fulfill your current lease & deposits cannot be directly transferred. 

Contact management ASAP to work out a solution.  Breaking your lease can result in collections, judgements, and negative credit reporting.   


That being said, when life events occur, we try to work with you as best we can.  This does not mean you will be removed from all responsibilities, but we can typically offer resolution that prevents any future negative actions. 

Vehicle information must be on file at office, or they may be subject to towing. 


All vehicles must be in working order with no major leaks.


  • You can text maintenance request to the office 563-210-9199
  • Email the office: voochproperties@gmail.com
  • Submit an online request. 


After hours emergencies should dial 563-275-4558

Police / Fire Emergency dial 911

Trash must be taken out weekly including all recycling, lawn debris, and any animal waste. 


At no time should any waste or debris be left in any interior or exterior common area, green space, yard, porch, parking lot, or walkway. 

You are responsible for the key(s) we have provided. 

  • If you are locked out during office hours we may have an extra key you can pick up. 
  • If a maintenance call is required, you will be billed.
  • It is a lease violation to change your locks without permission. 
  • After-hours you will need to call a locksmith.